Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai, Yukiko Seike (Illustrations), Melissa Tanaka (Translator)

When was the last time I reviewed a manga? That’s right. NEVER.

Not because I don’t read them, but because I never thought of reviewing them. But this manga had to be reviewed on my blog because it was that good.

To start off, this manga was based on a movie. I mean what are the odds of reading a book that is based on a movie. So this got me really excited before even starting the manga.

The thing that really captured my interest is how realistic the story is. It doesn’t try to cover up the ugliness of events that many of us, humans, have to go through. It was so raw and it slaps you with the truth and that is…

Technology had made things easier for us…easier than intended.

You want to break up with someone, text your love.

You want to confront someone, call your friend

You want to quit your job, email your boss

We don’t do things face to face anymore. And in my own opinion the manga discusses that perfectly.

The illustrations in this manga are beautiful. There are many characters that we see growing up and the good illustrations made it easy to follow.

I must say though that it had an open ending. I wanted to flip another page but I just simply couldn’t because there was nothing to flip. I guess we have to come up with our ending. And I see it as a happy ending, regardless.

I totally recommend this book.  

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I love stories said...

I love this movie but haven't had a change to read the whole book yet, only a few pages. Coming across your post reminded me about it so thanks :).


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