Monday, October 21, 2013

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

I loved Amy and Roger's Epic Detour which was Morgan Matson's debut novel. So when I heard about Second Chance Summer, I added right away on Now that I've read it, it is safe to say that Amy and Roger Epic Detour is still my favorite book by Morgan Matson.

The book has a great start. Taylor who is the main character goes to a lake house with her family as a way to say goodbye to her father. It is their last summer together before he dies. But then memories start to float back to surface. And readers are taken back years ago when that lake house was her life. Where she met her first boyfriend and lost her best friend.

The book is about finding broken parts and collecting them. It leaves you wondering if things can go back as they were. As much as this book was about correcting your past mistakes and enduring the obstacles that many goes through, it was very predictable.

I knew what was going to happen midway reading this book. There were no plot twists. This took away the fun in finding out the ending.

However,  Taylor's family stood out to me. They were strong in the midst of the new changes that they were going through. I hope everyone who reads this book, feels better. And I think this is the aim of the book is to inform its readers that they are not alone.  

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