Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stop Slaughtering Seals

"Every year, the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of seals to be massacred. The most common methods for hunters to use are gunshots to the head or smashing the animal's skull."-Peta

How does the hunters benefit from killing seals?

The seal slaughter exists due to the demand of its fur. To avoid harm to the seal's fur, hunters stick the hook in their eyes, cheeks or mouth. Also, its meat taste good. It tastes like sushi, according to Governor General Michaƫlle Jean.

Many countries had stopped the slaughter.  US banned any products related to seals in 1972. In 2009, the European Union ended the sale of seal products. Due to thefact that many countries are banning seal's products, the market for seals is not huge as it used to be. "The best seal pelts sold for $100 in 2006. Today they fetch $15 – if a buyer can be found at all." If the seal's product is not bringing much money to the hunters, why do they focus so much on it? Do they do it for fun? Do they enjoy murdering animals for fun?

In my opinion, Canada is ruining its repetition by allowing hunters murdering innocent seals. They kill seals that haven’t even taken their first swim or eaten their first solid meal. If US and the European Union had put an end to this, then Canada should do too. This is the least what we would expect from a country known for its peaceful acts around the world.

Now I shall leave you with a video posted from before, but I just want you to have another look at it.

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