Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forget Me Not, Squirrel


Today was a beautiful day. The sun was glowing peacefully in an endless sky. Everything seemed real. Seemed ordinary.  Less people in college now because of less demand. People who are taking summer courses are relaxing outside in the sun. Friends sitting on one bench laughing and chatting, when something disturbing happened, that made all of them jump out of their seats.  

What happened?

A squirrel came jumping or it was more like running on the grass because (I think) it needed to stay away from the burning sun. Then, something else appears on the same scene, there were another squirrel surrounding the first squirrel. Helping the first squirrel to get on its feet.

I started getting interested watching the squirrel help its partner. It started pushing it, running around it and looking at humans. Humans who were standing around "the about to die squirrel" doing nothing but watching. The "about to die squirrel" kept twitching its head and its whole body which brought goose bumps to my own body. The "about to die squirrel" kept going on circles. Its partner kept to go to the benches where humans laughed and chatted but they ignored it.

When I was looking at the" about to die squirrel", I concentrated more at the bigger picture.

The picture:
There was an animal in need. On the other side, there were humans who were watching. As if it was a tulips festival. As if it was a healthy animal dancing on the grass. We just stood there and watched, while an animal was struggling to death.

This even created a bigger picture. That’s what all humans do. We watch people and animals struggle everyday and do nothing about it.

I forgot to mention that I was one of those people who watched and did nothing as if it was a "FORGET ME NOT" festival.

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