Thursday, May 6, 2010

Environment: Ocean-The Movie


Last Tuesday I went to see  Ocean, the movie produced by Disney. Whenever I said to someone that I was going to see the "Ocean" they would tell me it is very educational or it is for kids since it was produced by Disney. Common sense. Well, I was eager to watch the movie anyways or should I say the documentary film.

The film started by showing a kid standing on an ocean's shore, wondering, "What exactly is the ocean?"

So I am going to tell you the answer I remembered from the movie:
"Scientist could give you statistics or history but to know the Ocean you have to see it, feel it and smell it."

Then the camera goes inside the Ocean showing us creatures that I never thought that they ever existed. There were creatures in every colour, shape and form. There are some that used to live in Ocean and moved to land. There are also animals that used to live on land and now live in the Ocean. Example of these animals is the sea turtle.

The film moves to the blue whale swimming in the Ocean peacefully while eating shrimp. Yummy. If you didn’t know, blue whale is the biggest animal ever existed, so it was a great experience to watch it up close.

Then the camera moves to my favuorite part when they go to the arctic.  You get to see the sea seal searching for a sold ice to live on. You see couple of seals sitting on a piece of ice and then it melts which led to two seals sliding off the ice and swimming till they find another safe place. Most of the time they don’t, and end up dying.

So the film showed us the beauty of the ocean but wait till you get to the end of the movie. They showed what humans did to the Ocean:

1-Most of the oceans in the world are polluted. The film shows wheel carts and runoff pollution in the OCEAN.
2-The temperature of it changed which led to death and extinction of many creatures in the Ocean. This is because of the carbon foot print. Human related too.
3- The spill of oil that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Ok, so that wasn’t in the movie but it is totally related.

People, we have to take a stand. It is our Ocean. These animals are helpless when it comes to stopping us from killing them. They know us ,now, as their enemy and we are their enemy by judging our actions.

Thanks a lot, humans.

The film ends by: "so before you ask what exactly the Ocean is, ask yourself who exactly are we?"

Please support the ocean by taking this pledge.

The movie was an amazing experience and I cant wait for the sequal which will be called "African Cats."

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