Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Words of Wisdom: Sometimes


Sometimes you sleep to escape from reality
Sometime you eat to get unnecessary fat
Sometimes you feel that the world had narrowed down to choose you out of everybody else to make fun off
Sometimes you know the results but still work so hard to change them
Sometimes you are not ok, but still have to pretend that you're totally fine with it
Sometimes you hate the rain, but you know that the sun will come afterwards. You just have to be patient
Sometimes life is not fair that is why you let out on paper
Sometimes you think that tomorrow is better, even though tomorrow is a continuation of yesterday
Sometimes you can find something beautiful in an ugly place or in the incorrect time. That’s why it's beautiful because it stands out
Some of these sentences are very simple but they have hidden meanings

Tata for now


SAGHIR said...

like :)

Dee said...

I guess I somehow know what's the hidden meaning, It's so true. Love it. :)


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