Friday, August 6, 2010

Egypt Wins the World Cup


  • I know Spain won Fifa's World Cup 2010
  • I know Egypt lost its chance in qualifying to the world cup by 1 goal
  • I know many of the Egyptian fans were disappointed because we have been missing on the world cup since 1990
But as you might know –Egyptians are never willing to give up. I mean for god's sake look at the pyramides that took over 20 years to build.
We decied to win another verision of world cup which is RoboCup.

Details: On 24 June the Robocup 2010 soccer finals take place in Singapore. They climax an event that has drawn more than 500 entries from educational and research institutions in over 40 countries, competing to establish just what are the world’s best robotic footballers.

Read more at Suite101: World's Top Soccer Robots in Action at RoboCup 2010, Singapore

This competition consists of teams from all over the world. Each team has 3 robots to play with. The final was between Germany and Egypt. And Egypt decided to take home the RoboCup.
Congratulations to the Egyptian students whom with determination decided to overcome huges technological obstacles. 

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