Saturday, August 7, 2010

Know New Blogs #1


Welcome to Know New Blogs. This is a new meme I will be starting from today.

Each Month I will put new set of rules for a blog to qualify to be in the meme. Know New Blogs is a way to explore new blogs that is about different topics from all over the world. By putting your blog's link below, you will be able to get recognized by more people.

This month blogger should be:
  • Arab bloggers
  • Or bloggers who from time to time like to write about the Arab world

If you blog consistently on the Arab world related topics, then just put your blog's whole link
If you only have one post  that meet the criteria, go ahead and post it

Please in the comment section below, tell me what should be the new criteria for the next meme.

Thank you 


Aymn said...

Rushrach said...

Rushrach said...

Anonymous said...

Raafatology®الأغانى للرأفتانى said...

basma aal said...

Thanks for posting your comments here but you need to post it on the inlinkz on the blog so people can see it better. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off the subject. This is a delete-after-reading message. We did a link exchange earlier this year and when my blogger ID changed, it went kapoot. I've got you back up there. My new url is bypen-or-bysword.blogspot(dot)com


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