Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

Imagine being frozen for centuries. You are alive but frozen. You are on a spaceship travelling to another planet.

Amy chooses to go with her parents to a new planet that is similar to earth.
We see in the first 2 books in the series the story is unfolding on the spaceship. 

In Shades of Earth, the spaceship finally lands. FINALLY!!!!!

I don’t want to get into the story because SPOILERS!!!

So instead I want to discuss Amy’s decision.

Would you do that? Would you freeze yourself? For any reason?
It got me really thinking.

Imagine freezing yourself and waking up knowing that the people you grew up with, loved or hated are all dead. That Earth is no longer your home. That if you were to go back to Earth, nothing would be the same. And you wouldn’t have a place on it. Just that thought breaks everything apart.

I did find the book a bit slow, especially the beginning. However, the ending was good and unexpected at all.

Finally, I am glad to have finished this amazing series. The only Sci-Fi series I ever read in my life. And it’s the only trilogy that I own completely so that is saying something. I still remember when I first saw the cover of Across the Universe. Man, it brings back memories.

It’s time to say goodbye to yet another series. Looking forward to Beth Revis’s newest projects. 

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