Monday, December 20, 2010

My TOP Books in 2010


These are the books that I enjoyed reading in 2010 in no particular order. They were all great. So here is my list!!

1.      The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson-REVIEW
It was a simple read targeting a complicated issue. It was very fresh and beautiful. The characters were very easy to relate to.

2.      White cat by Holly Black
It was a new society introduced to us. Loved the main characters. I cant wait for book #2.

3.      Rules of attraction  by Simone Elkeles-REVIEW
You cant go wrong with Simone Elkeles. She is perfect. Of course Rules of Attraction was hot, a page turner and I keep recommending it to everybody.

4.      The body finder by  Kimberly Derting-REVIEW
I normally don’t read thrilling or mysterious books at all but The Body Finder totally changed my perspective and I am looking forward to any books in this genre.

5.      Crescendo by  Becca Fitzpatrick-REVIEW
After reading hush, hush, I was willing to do anything to get my hands on crescendo.  Becca's writing makes you hungry for more and more. It took my forever to finish this book, not because it was boring but because I knew that I would miss the characters the minute I finish the book.  So I took my time reading it.

6.      Firelight by Sophie Jordan-REVIEW
Such a beautiful book in every aspect. It also introduced us to a whole new society which I really liked.

7.      The DUFF by Kody Keplinger-REVIEW
This book travelled with me everywhere. I just felt it was safer in my hands. Wesley Rush forever!!!

8.      Nightshade by Andrea Cremer-REVIEW
It was such a strong debut and Andrea made me go through over 400 pages in no time during exams. WOW!!!

9.      Somewhere in blue by Gillian Cummings-REVIEW
This book took place in Toronto where I used to live and it brought back so many memories. It was wonderful for bringing our focus on many problems that we face in our society.

10.  Freefall by Mindi Scott
From a guy's perspective and he is in a band. What more could I ask for???

So this was the list of the best books I read in 2010. I didn’t read that much this year due to the fact that I was studying all year. I know!!!

I am looking forward to year 2011 and hopefully reading more.

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